22 and 23 May Portlaoise Emmett

22 and 23 May Portlaoise Emmett


22 and 23 May 2025: Emmett Foot Care workshop in Portlaoise, Ireland at Golden Egg Holistic Therapy Centre

Address: Golden Egg Holistic




Note: Eircode is R32 PH0A

Price includes refreshments on arrival and at the morning and afternoon tea breaks.  Lunch is not provided so please bring a packed lunch.

Parking:  There is free parking on site

You will need very short nails to be able to do the techniques without "spiking" your partners!  Please wear sports clothes as it is easier to work through lycra than through jeans.  Bring slippers to keep feet warm between sections.

This is a short introductory course based on the work of Ross Emmett so that foot care professionals and reflexologists can help the foot related muscles for their clients.  It is also an ideal low cost introduction for trained therapists to see what EMMETT is all about. The way I teach this course is conducted over 16 hours and includes Emmett 4 Humans introductory Short course.

Because it is a pre-requisite to have done the Emmett 4 Humans introductory course, I teach that on day 1.  For those of you who have already done Emmett 4 Humans you only need to attend day 2 and only pay for the one day.  The course contains 10 moves which have been specially selected from the Emmett Technique Practitioner course.

What you will learn (Approved syllabus version: 2011)

Day 1 (Emmett 4 Humans Introductory Short course)

  • Foot Balance - 2 ways to relax the feet
  • Gastroc Calf Release - relax the calf
  • ITB - relax the thigh
  • ITB/Sartorius - relax the knees
  • Lat Dorsi - relax the back and shoulders
  • Diaphragm - relax the abdomen and chest
  • Pec Minor - release the front shoulder area
  • Forearm - relax the arm and hands
  • AC & Biceps - relax the shoulder
  • SCM Neck Release - relax the neck

Day 2 (Emmett Footcare Workshop Approved syllabus version: 2020) - Pre-requisite: Emmett 4 Humans Short Course or at least Modules 1 and 2 of the Practitioner Course.

10 releases to relax the lower leg, ankle, heel and toes:

  • Foot Balance - 2 ways to relax the feet
  • Gastroc Calf Release - relax the calf
  • Heel Pain - to relax the heel area
  • Ankle Pain - to relax the ankle area
  • Ankle Restriction - to also relax the ankle area
  • Lower Leg Release - also to relax the lower leg
  • Knee Pain - to relax the knee joint
  • Foot Pain - to relax the toes
  • Hammer Toe - to relax the toes another way

Course Fees

  • All bookings are subject to a non refundable element due at the time of booking
  • €150 per day course fee.  Total €300.  The non-refundable element is €37.50 per day
  • Course dates and venues are subject to change.  Please keep this in mind when booking transport and accomodation
  • Refund and Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations made up to 21 days prior to the workshop will receive a full refund (minus the non-refundable  €37.50 per day ).  Cancellation fees will be calculated at 50 of the course fee if the cancellations occur within 20-2 days (48 hours of a workshop.)  No refund will be given for cancellations within 48 hours of a workshop.

To guarantee your place and pay for this Workshop, select number of attendees and click the "Ajouter au panier" button.

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